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Aquashella Chicago


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  • 2 weeks later...

Some photos from today…

Very fancy bettas:


You know I love wood, so kinda like heaven here and prices are great:


I really liked this scape with deceptively  adorable baby green tiger barbs:4A83E62E-A4B7-4A65-8F7C-AA200EA8D762.jpeg.8e37e987bd23f5fb381793e780547acb.jpeg0607B6AD-C060-4A05-AD74-AF2DF8A99DB4.jpeg.d228093c0444b1d5b32418bd9ecc0d88.jpeg

There is a long line to chat with Zenzo and Cory. Good luck, you two!

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First thing today I went to were those alien bettas! I had been looking for a pair for about 2 months! Nobody near my home ever get them.


Too bad I probably won't be able to get them from the show as I have a 4ish hour drive home on Sunday. I was also kind of disappointed with the lack of bigger fish fishkeepers, I had lots of questions.


The wood was so cheap too!

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I had a great time during round 1 today, gonna do an hour or two tomorrow before we head home. Heavy on the marine side but plenty of freshwater. All speakers I would like to see will be later tomorrow, I’ll have to leave before then but this is fun and my wife is enjoying as well. 
met Zenzo and Cory and got some excellent swag.64615618-B8C4-4948-B9FF-750253035C7F.jpeg.73d5c7e42f6e4f91867bedd9b7466b56.jpeg



The wood vendor has such a huge selection and very good pricing. I will definitely be stopping by there tomorrow again. 😃19502BD7-D54C-4EC2-A602-8A11FD7F1BA8.jpeg.25abf6902eb63b5747129ca734d9c153.jpeg

Couldn’t pass on the price of some rummynose tetra x20, marble hatchetfish x12AF47BF89-7D68-4662-B836-F48747B016AC.jpeg.b5f9ff0fb8ab776c70f7ed4cc92c39d9.jpeg

they were still working on the aquascape contest when we left I hope to see them done tomorrow. 🌱 🌱 

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On 10/9/2022 at 8:09 PM, Patrick_G said:

@Atitagain that's quite a haul! It looks like you had a good time. 

Day 2 





Val (6) Java fern (1) Amazon sword (1) crypts (3) another piece of wood.

I completely hold my wife accountable for my actions, she is such an enabler. We were supposed to leave 7:00am but she said yesterday we could come back for day 2.  She’s the best, we had such a good time.

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