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Typical Amano behavior?


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I've had four amano shrimp in my 29gal for about 2-3 months ago. I've noticed they NEVER go on the bottom. Always on or underneath a floating plant. From what I've been reading online, this is not normal but they seem healthy and I've noticed a few molts. I'm not really worried, more curious I guess! 

82-84*F, no ammonia, no nitrites, under 20 nitrates. PH is around 6.5-7.


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There could be a couple things, here’s what comes to mind:

1) The temp might be a little toasty for them. I think they can tolerate up until 85 F, but in my experience with my own shrimp and tanks, they seem to be most active at temps around 70-75 F. 

2) If there is anything predatory in the tank like angels or an aggressive betta, they might be beating on them lower in the tank. They might not be killed, but they are getting hassled enough that they are chased up into the floating plants. 

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