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Quarantining shrimp

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I have been thinking recently about adding some type of neocaridinia shrimp to my 10 gallon guppy tank. I have crazy high ph and hardness along with tons of hiding spots in case my guppies get curious. The only thing I am concerned about are diseases. Are there any diseases that can be transmitted from the shrimp to the guppies? 

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Not in my experience. I wouldn’t just dump the whole bag of water from the store into the tank, but I haven’t heard about diseases being transferred from shrimp to fish or vice versa. 

Also, I’ve found that shrimp don’t really populate well if they are added after the fish (not if you’re trying to start a colony from less than 10 individuals). Usually, people let the colony of shrimp become established first before adding any fish, but it can be done! It might just be slow. 

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