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charts or data on water parameters throughout a cycling


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Hi.  I was curious if there are articles or posts of people tracking their water parameters throughout their cycling process.  I found this one post where the author had created a chart like this, which I found interesting.  Curious to know other people's experiences with how much ammonia being put into the systems and how many days it takes to cycle and the peaks for ammonia/nitrites in the tank.  Can be fish-in or fishless cycling.


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My experience , impression in cycling 6 different tanks and re doing a few that had collapse of cycle has been that bacteria in a bottle products are of very questionable value.  Great value to the makers and sellers, little perceived value to me.

I tried multiple versions, Fritzyme 7,Seachem Stability, Dr Tims one and only Aqueons. I tried dosing multiple times


by and large they would get the tank to start converting ammonia to nitrite quickly but little help in starting nitrite to nitrate conversion.


tanks heated up to nearly 80 degrees, ph stable around 7.4, multiple airstones,  it still took 6-8 weeks.


A little Black Kow composted manure in filter box and mesh bag in tabk on substrate would cycle in 8-10 days.


1 40 pound bag of Black Kow composted manure is cheaper than a single bottle of bacteria in a bottle.


yeah, I was skeptical about putting composted manure in my Aquarium when I first read about it.  Hence I went the manufactured bacteria in the bottle route and doubled down and tripled down on it and quadrupled down on it.   A lot of wasted money in my opinion as well as on biomedia rings and sintered glass spheres and Seachem tidal 35 hob filters.  I count it as tuition to school of hard knocks.  Not repeating it….

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