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Some DIY stuff & general maintenance ​🔨​

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Hot-rodding a new AquaClear 20 for an aquarium.  🛠️





This is how I personally break up the giant Wonder-shell.  Safety glasses are MANDATORY...  🚩





Made a DIY algae scraper from a bit of hardware laying around.  Used an old ice scraper with a home-brew swivel mount.  Carbon fiber rod.  👀





Converted the algae scraper into a scrubber, with one of the Co-Op's foam pads.  👌





Made the handle a good length to keep my hands dry.  👏






Customized an ordinary bucket into a "fish-room-only bucket".  Made a bracket in the basement ceiling for hanging it out of the way.  🧺






Maybe I'll do some traveling, in the future.  ✈️


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