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Treatment for fish flashing

Karen B.

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I have a 30 gallons planted Community tank. One of my honey gourami has been flashing a bit lately (I have 2) Some of the corydoras do the odd flashing here and there. And I haven’t noticed any of my 15 chili Rasboras do it.

Today I cleaned the filter and it released some gunk and I noticed one honey gourami flashing again. I don’t know if it’s the gunk that bothered her?

None of my other fish are flashing in my 7 other aquariums.

Can she be flashing because she misses her male? I had 3 honey gourami, my male was older and he passed away few weeks ago so now it’s only the 2 females.

The tank isn’t overcrowded, nothing new was added lately but I might treat it as a preventive measure anyway. I am always confused which med to use when a fish is flashing? I have paracleanse, Maracyn, Ich-X, Expel-P, Levimasol and few others I forgot.

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If it were me I would give it a week and watch. Often I see flashing in fish when I clean filters or do an overly large water change. If I have introduced nothing new I wait and watch and it usually resolves. If only select fish are flashing and not everyone in an established tank with nothing new recently but sudden onset flashing after water change or filter cleaning I wait and watch assuming just something irritating to that fish and it usually resolves. I do add a dose of prime on the off chance my water company has started adding chloramine or extra chlorine.  I have seen flashing after adding a wondershell also. It’s change and I guess makes them itchy sometimes 🤷‍♀️

With losing a mate to age she may just be stressed. 

I reserve meds for major issues I’m convinced are medical issues and avoid them as much as possible since they are hard on fish. 

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