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What HAVE you bred? What are you TIRED of breeding? What do you WANT to breed?


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I’ll go first:

Species I’ve bred:

-Guppies, Platies, Shrimp (neocaridina), Snails (Bladder, Ramshorn), Kribensis, Angelfish (Marbled, Panda, Mix), Crayfish (CPO), Corydora (Albino)

Species I’m tired of:

-Guppies (major fail as I have soft water), Platies (I have a variant I’d like to work with, but don’t have the many tanks necessary)

Species I WANT to breed:

-More Panda Angles, More mixed Angels (pairs form and unpair as I keep them in a community), Peacock Gudgeons, Pygmy Cory’s, Julii Cory’s, Furcata Rainbows, Praecox Rainbows, CPD’s, Pea Puffers. 

I thought this would be a fun thread of what you’ve done, what you’re tired of doing, and what you WANT to do!

See pics attached for things I’m working on, and don’t be afraid to ask for more! I’m always taking pics, but never know what is worthy of a post. 













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What HAVE you bred?

Betta Macrostoma


Betta Albimarginata

Bolivian rams

Xenotoca Doadrioi


African butterfly cichlid 


Crenicichla Regani


Characodon Lateralis 


Crenicichla sp dwarf Orinoco


Pelvicachromis subocellatus moanda 


Jordanella floridae Flagfish

Limia Perugia 

Corydoras sterbai 


Xiphophorus variatus Hawaii

Zoogoneticus tequila


Dwarf Mexican Crayfish 

Cherry shrimp

Ramshorn snails 

Pao cf palustris



What are you TIRED of breeding?

nothing so far

What do you WANT to breed? ....I will at some point breed my groups of

Pao baileyi 


Tetraodon miurus 


Rhoadsia altipinna


Always more Pao cf palustris 


And if I ever find stock to work with the

Carinotetraodon salivator

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I can tell you what I'm definitely tired of:

Endlers: Bought them for a small community tank, now I have them flowing out my windows and down the street. 

Orange Rili Shrimp: Same as above!!!

Both of these I didn't set out to breed, that's why I tired of them. They are taking up tank space and breed faster than I can re-home them.

I was trying to improve the rili line but the amount of culling I need to do just takes too much time (they don't breed very true). I put all my culls in an L397 pleco tank, and now I am over run with culls (at least they keep it clean!). But at some point I'm going to have to cull the cull tank!

You can see a theme here . . . prolific breeders I didn't set out to breed.  🙂

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I tire of almost everything breeding after the first few batches. My greatest joy comes from seeing a new to me fishes behavior, mating behavior, new fry and rearing. After it becomes routine and goes the way if oh another batch to raise repetition it just becomes work and is no longer the new fascinating behaviors to watch.  Things I’m not necessarily phasing out of my fish room currently but using methods to control populations because I'm no longer wanting to breed longfin lemon BN pleco, guppies, cpd,mystery snails and shrimp, my panda and Pygmy cory are still of interest because they have not yet overwhelmed their tanks.  I am in the same group as @tolstoy21  once they overpopulate I get bored and annoyed  I’m not breed for profit so rehoming is a PITA  

New things I am working with right now to spawn are Badis badis (I think 1 is a girl), Scarlet badis (desperate to find a girl), Melini corydora (think my group is almost old enough they are starting the swimming spawning patterns) A second group of Melini arrives today as dithers to hopefully keep my Pygmy cory from startling so easily. Filopaludina martensi white wizard snails, Taia naticoides piano snails (originally unidentified and fellow nerms helped me guess at Viviparus viviparus ID as young juveniles but as they age  it’s apparent they are more likely Taia naticoides (totally lucked out here the small LFS had them labeled as pagoda snails and have never been able to get more for me I only have 3  still hoping they breed)  My Least killifish I’ve only had a few months but I’m still enchanted and waiting to get enough to move them to the Pygmy tank also  when they overpopulate I don’t think they will be hard to rehome so I may never tire of them.  My fish guy is searching for young male/female Bolivian ram duo hopefully not paired already so I can see courtship  I’m cutting breeding pots today in anticipation and the tank is already redone to accommodate them 🤩

photo dump  I am to lazy to neatly insert where appropriate 🤣 sorry 🤷‍♀️



















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@AllFishNoBrakes, love those angels!  

what have I bred?  Pink convict cichlids (about a billon years ago), panda corydoras, red sailfin corydoras, bristle nose plecos, mollys, plattys, endlers, and angels. Oh and a few accidental goldfish!

what am I tired of breeding? Endlers, definitely endlers.  

what do I want to breed? Apistos of sole type, rams, one of the less-common pleco, …..

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Wow everyone’s fish are so beautiful!! Talent to breed such pretty fish!!


I haven’t bred much of a variety but so far I’m tired of breeding Chiclids. I dislike how long they take to grow, I love breeding guppies however because of the fast results. So comforting!! I hope to breed discus in the future. Won’t be for awhile tho. Until than I’ll stick with my livebearers. 

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What have I bred: cherry shrimp, but not many, unintentionally bred piles of pest snails and intentionally setup a scud tank and bred them as a food source. 

what I’m tired of breeding: nothing yet, I’m still new so more the merrier 


what I want to breed: more scuds (such a great food source) wild caught blackstripe topminnows, wild caught golden crayfish, and my store bought White Cloud Mountain minnows and emerald eye rasboras 


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On 9/23/2022 at 1:23 PM, AllFishNoBrakes said:

@MattyM My Platy’s went crazy in my 29 and it was a struggle to move them all. Definitely learned my lesson there! Now I keep them with Angels or other fish that will help me control the populate naturally 

I have them in a 20L right now, a pair and a juvie female. About 5 fry, so I have a bit of time. Tank is heavily planted, so yeah I've been thinking about a good fry hunter to add. Going to be setting up a 20H next to it, so guess what'll be going in there! 

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I have bred koi anglefish,  apistogramma, guppies, plecos, german blue rams, cherry shrimp, japanese trap door snails, reticulated millstream loaches, daisy rice fish and platys.


what I want to stop breeding-platys- they are in a 100g planted tanks with Anglefish.  for some reason the fry are not being eaten by the angelfish and I am beginning to get overrun.  will need to try to catch them to bring to local fish store.  not looking forward to this.

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I have bred the ones where you just add water:mollies, red cherry shrimp, and mystery snails.

I'm not tired of any of them, but I need to control reproduction to keep from overstocking.

I want to breed most anything.  I have loosely forming plan to start a 6ft tank and breed all of the inhabitants.  It would be based around Angels, unless I change my mind.

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I've accidentally bred habrosus corys, but someone ate their eggs and I haven't seen any eggs since thenI've had lots of spawning activity from most of my fish but no babies... :classic_sad:

I want to breed all of my fish: licorice grouamis (Parasphromenus sp. - not sure which one), crossband chocolate gouramis (Sphaerichthys selatanensis), vaillant gouramis (Sphaerichthys vaillanti), chili rasboras, halfbeaks (Hemirhamphodone tengah), the habrosus corys and adolfoi corys, and Trigonostigma hengeli.  Lots of spawning behavior from all the gouramis, but I haven't been able to get babies.  This is probably because these are in 3 community tanks...but there is so much cover I was hoping to just see a few babies over time.

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I have breed Columbian blue tetras x-ray tetras penguin tetra's black skirt tetras Pearl gourami's  bristlenose pleco  Molly's platy's guppies cherry barbs panda Cory's  what I want to breed in the future  licorice gourami's more species of L number pleco lots of beautiful species of ancistrus more species of corydoras  you would think I would get tried of breeding bristlenose pleco after 20 years but I still enjoy breeding them 

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Have bred African dwarf frogs. Also managed to breed/raise a very small number of Amanos. I’d like to figure the Amanos out on a larger scale. 

Fish I have bred that I don’t want to do again include angel fish and golden wonder killis. The scale required for it to be time-profitable doesn’t work with the space I have available or the market/local prices.

I bred fork till rainbows last winter, and will likely do a few more batches this year. The eggs were not hard but also not easy to get and hatch, growing out the babies to marketable size was fairly easy, and  I had no difficulty moving a couple of batches of 100 to 200.

I’ve been wanting to get my Adolfo cories going for the longest time, but have resisted putting them in a dedicated tank. Probably going to have to bite the bullet on that one. I’ve done fairly well with sterbai cories, but never in large batches. That’s another species that there are always buyers for, and good prices.

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On 9/26/2022 at 9:45 PM, AllFishNoBrakes said:

As in Amano shrimp? Don’t they require brackish water to hatch and raise? Would love to hear more about your experience with that!

Yes, amano shrimp. 🙂 Had early success (though VERY limited numbers), and wasn’t able to replicate so moved on to other things. 

Yes the zoes (larval form) need salt water. I went full seawater salinity with Seachem’s salt. They don’t need gradual acclimation and can literally go from fresh to salt. I think where I failed in my later attempts was food. Never found the balance between the right food, in the right amount (got lucky at the critical point the first time around I guess). One thing I did different the first time is I snagged a tiny scrap of algae from the live rock farm tank at my lfs. Perhaps that seeded the zoe tank with enough of the necessary planktons to sustain a small number of zoes. My next attempts, I had hoped that commercial non-live phytoplankton (eg seachems reef phytoplankton) would work but no joy. I would imagine that a live marine phyto culture would be best. I was never able to get green (sea)water despite 24hr lighting. Could try dialling a light to infinity, I suppose. 

After like 5 or 7 weeks or something as marine zoes you have to transition them slowly back to fresh. Like over 3-5 days or something. Then they’re baby shrimps just like neos. 

I’m like missing some critical parts. 🙂

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Have bred:  panda cories, guppies, mystery snails, Japanese trapdoor snails, ramshorn snails, blue velvet shrimp, just started and have gotten 1 fry from forktail rainbowfish. 


Tired of breeding:  JTS - I still have them currently but plan to send them to a friend. 

Kinda starting to get over the ramshorns but idk. I'm selective breeding to try to figure out their genetics and still love that but I'm kinda over the cull tank is the issue lol. 

I keep trying to convince myself that I'm tired of guppies but I love them too much lol. I keep finding reasons to keep doing them eventhough I'm trying to convince myself to stop with them. 


Want to breed:  EVERYTHING!! haha

Specifically on my list is CPO crayfish and that's in the workd right now. Similis cories are of interest as well but I don't have the space to keep them seperate from the panda cories. 

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On 9/27/2022 at 3:16 PM, AllFishNoBrakes said:

Nice! CPO’s are fun, but I find them to be like shrimp. I’ve bred some, but it’s all passive.

That's part of why I'm adding them. I'm running out of space for grow out tanks so I need something passive where the adults and babies can be in the same tank. 

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