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Favorite plant from ACO


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I couldn't choose...I love variety LOL.  But my favorite plants so far are the Crinum calamastratum because it looks so great in my very tall aquarium (it's 36x12" wide, but 24" tall) and the tiger lotus because of its beauty.  Both of those have grown beautifully in my tank.  Edit: ANUBIAS NANA PETITE too!!!  Omg I love that plant.

In general, I also adore all cryptocorynes and aponogetons, but so far I have not had a lot of luck with them (from anyone, not just Aquarium Co-op).  I've bought maybe 50 different cryptocorynes over the last 2 years, and maybe a half-dozen thrived.  The rest died and the only difference is how long it took them to die - about a dozen are still "limping" along but they haven't bounced back in the last 2-6 months so I doubt they'll return.  I just bought two Cryptocoryne wendtii from Co-op and I'm experimenting with leaving them in their pots for a few weeks before planting them in my aquasoil. We shall see.  Aponogetons - I bought one A. crispus that didn't make it, and just bought A. ulvaceous, which I'm subjecting to the same pot experiment.

Editing to add: I keep tanks with fish from slow-moving, blackwater streams in Southeast Asia so over the last two years I've transitioned to lower-light plants...so I've never bought stem plants from the Co-op.  I do want some java moss and java fern though...next order!

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