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I had to taken a picture from a distantie because when i get close to the tank, it hikes.

The fish doesn't look fuzzy or someting, he is active and eats and beiden that white thing it looks healthy.

Aswel as my other fish, my ramsj even have eggs again, so water parameters are good

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Maybe some better pics will clarify things, but from what I see it doesn’t look great. 
Are you in the USA, i.e. do you have access to fish medicine? I’m in Canada, and my approach is based on a general difficulty to obtain effective medicines when a disease or problem is advanced, as it appears to be here.

I would remove this fish to a quarantine or medicine tank (doesn’t need to be cycled, doesn’t have to be complicated) and treat with salt. Removing the fish has many benefits: you can control its environment much better, you can monitor better, and the risk of transmission to other fish is mitigated. It’s also a lot easier to treat five or 10 gallons (or less) it is to treat a much larger tank.
Above, you asked about marine salt. That’s fine unless you have any plants in the tank. If you have any plants or mosses, the amount of salt necessary to come anywhere close to helping the fish will absolutely ruin your plants. Personally, I use kosher salt. It comes in a much finer/flakier form than aquarium salt, so it dissolves much more easily. Most marine salt has ingredients that require the mixed water to sit for many hours before it can be used, so be cautious of that. 

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On 9/19/2022 at 6:37 PM, Martinique said:

Much appriciated!!!

I will write it down and go to my local fish store!!


Theirs sera baktopur direct and sera baktopur just make sure you get sera baktopur direct they are in a very similar box

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