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Best Fish/Invert photo competition.

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Hello fellow Nerms!

 If you wish to participate in this competition, please respect the following rules:

1) 3 pictures per member (in one or multiple posts)

2) Nothing offensive please!

3) Only fish, plants, and shrimp may be posted.


The winner shall be determined by voting with reactions. ❤️= 1 point,    😍= 2 points   and 🏆= 3 points.

You may vote as many times as you wish.



1st place = 4 bars of Swiss Chocolate* sent from me

2nd = 3 bars

3rd = 2 bars

4th = 1 bar

Random member = 2 bars

The competition closes on the 5th of October, if there are any ties you shall both receive the prize.

Thank you @Anjum, @Fish Folk, @PineSong, @AnimalNerd98, @Guppysnail, @OutBout, @Mattlikesfish36, @TeeJay and @Flumpweesel.


Have fun!!


*You may choose which flavour, 100 grams per bar, dark or white chocolate if you're lactose intolerant

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Ok, I'll post just because of the pleas for pictures 🙃. As of late I've had to go through a lot of old pictures (due to a tech snafu I won't go into). I've come across photos of, not my first Betta, but the Betta that kicked off my deep dive into the REAL aquarium care. I wish I knew what I know now so that I could have kept this Betta, who was a delight, in my life a lot longer than he was....he had beautiful long fins that took incredible pictures even for a terrible cell phone picture taker like myself. Meet Kimono:

Kimono as he meets his first Ghost Shrimp:


Kimono as he meets OUR first Mystery Snail:


Kimono as he greets his first red plant (that of course didn't make it, lol):


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