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Hi! New tank leeching ammonia. No fish.

Kim U.

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Hi! New to the hobby. Been watching lots of YouTube videos and love the content put out by Aquarium Coop. Nice to meet you and I’m very excited to be here. 

New tank has problems. 10 gallon cube.  Fluval stratum, pool filter sand cap. Landscaping stone that I scrubbed, soaked, scrubbed in vinegar, rinsed and soaked and dried. Plants. Temp is set at 78. The pH is typically 6.5. I have been doing daily water changes because the ammonia is always high. Like 8 ppm high. I stopped adding beneficial bacteria because I don’t see the point with the ammonia that high. It seems like whatever is leeching the ammonia isn’t letting up. Daily water changes.  Did 3 water changes yesterday and got ammonia down to 1 ppm. This morning it was up again to 4. I know I need Ammonia to kickstart the cycle but this is nuts. 

Using API master test kit and API Aqua Essential conditioner. Also adding Easy Green after the final water change of the day. Have API QuickStart but haven’t been using it after day 3. Tidal 35 filter with a junky little filter I got off of Amazon. Will remove the dinky filter after cycled and before adding dish. 

Any suggestions? I don’t mind the water changes. I’m getting good at it after a week. But I don’t see anyone else having this problem. No fish. No snails. No bio load other than the tad bit of plant melt. Just tons of ammonia. No end in sight. Any tips on what I should do or what is happening?

Thanks for your help!!

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