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How Overstocked is my Tank?


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Hello everyone! Im planning a new 125 gallon long. I know it may be slightly overstocked but am wondering if it is doable. Gonna keep this short and sweet so here's the tank details and planned fish:



  • 5 Dojo Loaches
  • 6 Zebra Loaches
  • 5 Panda Garra
  • 10 Gold Barbs
  • 4 Bala Sharks (I plan to return them to the LFS when they reach 7-8 inches)
  • 8 Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish


Tank details/filtration:

  • 125 Gal
  • Heavily planted (as well as pothos growing out of the top with roots dangling in the water)
  • Fx6 Canister filter
  • A powerhead
  • Feeding a combo of freeze dried bloodworms/frozen bloodworms/hikari bottom feeder pellets
  • Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  • 35% water changes weekly


There you have it folks. Let me know what your thoughts are. I appreciate any and all input and will not get upset if you disagree with me, so don't be shy, just share your opinion 😉

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6 hours ago, Joseph said:

I have a 125 and I have a lot more fish than that in mine with no issues what so ever mine is also heavily planted  and I do a water change every two weeks and I have several large angels as well as a 12 inch dojo loach 

Good to know. What kind of filtration do you run in it? Nitrate levels?

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