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Insect larva living in guppy grass?!


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Does anyone have any idea what the heck this thing is??

I’ve noticed and removed multiple of these things but I’m totally at a loss as to what they are and if they’re harmful to my fish or snails. They seem to wrap themselves in the leaves of the guppy grass and protrude outside of them. Just noticed them today and I have no idea what I’m dealing with and if they will grow into something that goes after my fish OR turn into some kind of fly that will then be buzzing around my house.. 




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On 9/17/2022 at 9:07 PM, TOtrees said:

Professor Google says “Larvae are mainly herbivorous scavengers, feeding mainly on fragments of plant material, living vegetation, and other living and dead organisms.”

I wouldn’t worry about it. 

Phew! Alright cool thank you, I googled some different species of caddisfly larvae and found some pics that are exactly what I’ve found in my tank so that’s it. Sounds like they really won’t harm anything and I actually saw one of my dwarf acaras just found one while swimming through the plants and ate it so looks like some free food for the fish!

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