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Bolivian Ram breeding lower temp higher gh ph?


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I don’t think this will be a huge issue because I’m only pushing slightly outside preferred range but I’ve never kept them so I’m asking. 

They will be in with my panda cory who I found prefer 74-75 vs 77. My ph tap hovers 7.6 gh is unfortunately very hard so above the suggested but I’ve never had issues with any fish over it. 

Im thinking pushing to 76 degrees 1 above my panda comfort zone but not outside of suggested range. 1 degree below suggested Bolivian ram range. 
Edit note. I had my pandas at 77-78 for awhile they did fine and spawned. They just spawn more and seem more active at 74-75. 

Anyone with Bolivian ram breeding experience see any issue?  

Has anyone bred them at 76 or in hard water or slightly out of suggested range?  


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