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Quarantine questions


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If I have my first batch of fish that I’m quarantining. After I run this batch threw do I drain my qt tank and sanitize before I get my next batch of fish and start the qt on them. First batch of fish are all from a lfs that is going outta business. Next batch and the rest of my fish will be from my main lfs. 

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I don’t.  I figure the fish coming out of quarantine are healthy enough to add to my display tank in my estimation.  The new fish coming in should not have anything to fear from the quarantine tank.


I would do a deep water change though and then run activated carbon for a week to pull out any residual meds so you know what you are dosing new fish if you choose to go quarantine med route.

My own quarantine protocol is new fish in 1 tbspoon aquarium salt to 3 gallons of water for a few days while feeding them before adding the quarantine trio and fasting them for 4 days and a light feeding and 3 more days of fasting before doing a 30% water change and adding activated carbon to pull meds.


the next 3 weeks I do a 30% water change weekly to slowly pull down aquarium salt levels.


Week five sees a repeat of paracleanse to get any hatched eggs and at end of week put activated carbon back in after a 30% water change and watch theM for a final week.

If they look fine at the end of week 6 I transfer, and do an 80% water change in tank with activated carbon for another week before ordering more fish.

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