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Why is my smaller sponge filter creating more bubbles than my larger one?


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Top fin sponge filters . The smaller one is creating a lot more bubbles with a nice consistent flow. The larger filter seems to be producing way less bubbles and is creating much less surface agitation. Only difference I know is the smaller filter has a smaller size air tube going to it, but idk how much that would affect it. Any help is appreciated thanks! 



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On 9/16/2022 at 6:29 AM, Pencapchew95 said:

@DaveO i only just bought the thing , so I don’t know how it could be gunked up but I’ll check! 

Than check the air line for constrictions. Maybe the check valve is bad. Also check any gang valve. Try opening the valve to the slow bubbling filter a bit and closing the faster one a bit. 

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