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Algae Issues


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I’ve been dealing with some algae on my plants in my 20 gallon for awhile. It’s mostly on some fast growing green plants which is fine because you can’t really see them that well but my Red Tiger Lotus and another red plant I have are growing the green algae also and I can’t seem to beat it. The Tiger Lotus just started growing the algae but the other red plant has dealt with it for awhile and I just cut off the leafs. I’m wondering if anyone can identify this algae that’s growing on the leaf’s and what can I do to stop it from growing and ruining my red plants. I don’t run CO2 and don’t plan to. My aquarium light is one for 10hrs, used to be full day cycle about 2 months ago, and I have Otos, nerite snails and multiple Amano Shrimp. Nothing has an interest in eating that algae. Please help. 




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Try reducing the light to 8 hours for a couple of weeks. You should see a change in algae in couple of weeks, if not try going down to 7 hours.

How often do you change water? The nitrates are a bit on the high, I fertilized only when the nitrates drop down to at least 10, even 5. Do you have a pothos in your tank, they are great at sucking up extra nutrients.

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