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Sick molly


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I had a fish that had trouble swimming. When she passed it seem like my other fish got what she had.
both of their symptoms are trouble keeping afloat and breathing fast. She is not eating much. I think it's a parasite that passed on when the other fish died.

I don't know what i should do. Any help would be appreciated. i try to keep nitrates below 20 so water is good.
it's a dalmatian molly about 3 inches.

0 ammonia 16 nitrates tanks is about 3 years old

she is in a sick tank right now and it's cycled 10 gallons


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What I would do is add some aquarium salt 1 table for 2 gallons that will aid Gill function and add essential electrolytes and add an extra air stone as she breathing heavily it could be parasites with what your describing what I would do is a course of paracleanse in food if she still eating if she not eating dose the tank it can take three course of treatment with paracleanse 2 weeks apart if your dosing the tank it's more effective in food 


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On 9/15/2022 at 11:37 PM, fishdad34 said:

 i have kanaplex i'll use that. when u say in between treating what do you mean? at the same time but 48 hours apart or something?

Finish the course of general cure then follow up with a course of  kanaplex in two weeks do another course of general cure if your still not seeing any improvement 

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