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German Blue Ram help

Sara Williams

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Found my GBR laying at the bottom in the plants this am. Still alive. When I netted him he thrashed around and 'flopped' wildly in the net (still in the water). I have him in a breeder box in main tank.


I've had him 2 months. He went thru med trio in qtine for 2 weeks when I first got him from lfs. Yesterday he was feisty, active, and devouring food. Even bossing my big pearl gourami around. Everyone else in the tank looks great. 

29g, planted, established over a year, 82 deg, ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 20, ph 7.5, relatively hard water. No major changes in the past week. 

Anything I can try to save him? I know GBRs are touchy but I thought he looked GREAT yesterday... 

Thanks for the help! 

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I would put hum back in his aquarium. My GBR died a few days ago, and before he died I could tell that she wasn't herself. During her last few days she was lying on the substrate. Not too long later I saw her swimming upside down and at that point I knew she was gonna die. 

If you know that this isn't your GBR tipical behaivor then I would keep an on him/ her. She might die. 

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