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Hi folks. I recently purchased a second-hand 55 gallon Oceanic tank. It appears to be in really good shape, with excellent-looking/feeling silicone. The one concern however is a small chip in the glass right on one of the corner edges, about 1/3 down from the top of the tank. 

I have watched a view videos about chip/crack repair on aquariums, and most use an epoxy or windshield repair kit.  However, all of those were not on the corner of a tank, they were on a flat area. 

There were a couple videos of edge repair. One of them used a concoction of thin super glue and baking soda to create a ‘cement’ that was super hard and strong.   The other used two new strips of glass, about 4 inches wide, and siliconed them to the aquarium glass. One of the two pieces overlapped the edge of the tank, and the other butted up to it, just like a tank. All the edges were then siliconed to create a seal. 

So, do any of the members here have experience with repairing, or attempting to repair a chip on the edge of an aquarium?  Was it successful?  What works?  What does not work?



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Similar situation. Bought a used tank, looked great, but after purchase noticed a chipped corner/edge similar to yours near the bottom of the tank. After a quick youtube sesh, Home Depot had what I needed.

Try siliconing plastic corner guard to the outside of the tank if its not necessarily a display tank. Doesn't look the best but it'll hold. Comes in 4 or 8ft sections.


Check this video.


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