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Help nugget

Liz hughes

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I heard you asking in the youtube chats about nugget.

I see that the eye is abnormal. If this is the case, many things can cause it. I recently had some tilapia contract strep b (i think) and it made their eyes bulge out something like that. It could be a whole range of issues, but if it is bacterial then I understand salt is a very good way to help offset it, if bacteria is the main cause.


I am not too familiar with the species of fish, but to me it looks thin in the middle. Maybe the fish needs to eat more, or is not eating because it is feeling sick from the eye or otherwise. My fish stopped eating as much when they got whatever made their eyes bulge.

Your water parameters dont look abnormal at all from what I have seen other indoor aquariums use.

Also, check your water flow and make sure there is either enough or too little. I would not increase it now if the fish is sick and already weak etc. 


I'm afraid I dont have any direct solutions here... but I hope Ive maybe introduced some ideas to help you on your way with nugget. Good luck, time and nature will help if you let it. 🙂

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