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Honey Gourami Fry - An Unexpected Journey


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Oh, good. I was leaning that direction, since it would save me a new tank/filter purchase, but it's very nice to have someone else to confirm it's not an entirely crazy idea, ahaha. I'll just have to keep an eye on the tank parameters, since it'll be six new fish in a tank that's only had three until now. And hopefully the extra height of the tank will keep the cories a bit more midwater and lower; they've been all over every inch of the 10 gallon they're currently in and with the fry pretty much in the top half inch of water, maybe they'll survive just by being harder to get to.

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Not much of an update at 3 weeks. I think leaving last weekend was possibly a bad move, I've barely seen any fry since I came back and my last spotting of one was on the 29th. Between the lack of target feeding and also three hungry adults, thinking I probably won't have any make it out of this spawn. I'll keep feeding until a week after the last sighting and we'll see if any fry pop out of the woodwork at any point. But it's definitely been a learning experience at the least, so I have an idea of what I want to/should do next time.

I did go back and look at Irene's video, at the images of her fry at two and three weeks, and mine definitely weren't that developed, so thinking they weren't getting enough food. Should be ready for next time, though.

On the plus side, I now know that the father's aggression will last for about two weeks, which is a lot longer than the 'few days' that I had seen around occasionally before.

At least the cories are settling in well with the honeys. I might add more shrimp later (I have confirmed that at least three out of the original eleven have survived this far, at least one female and one male, so natural reproduction might work out, but I wouldn't place good odds on the shrimplets), but the tank is otherwise finished in terms of what I had planned for it.

I'll update again if I do spot any fry or when I decide to stop feeding for them, but this may be the end of this particular journey.

20221001_174723.jpg.8815aecccd2b8eb74a9285c2b61ae342.jpg         20221002_184916.jpg.98817762da7f5b0314cb7e359a1ea14d.jpg

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