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Biotope Biologist Members Interview!


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@Biotope Biologist, you are being interviewed.

1.) Favourite fish?

2.) Least favourite fish?

3.) Favourite fish YouTuber?

4.) Favourite non-fish YouTuber?

5.) Favourite food?

6.) What fish would you like to be the most?

7.) What was your scariest moment?

8.) What country do you want to visit the most?

9.) Cats or dogs?

10) Describe yourself in 3 words.

11) Pancakes or Waffles?

12) What is your favorite song?

13) What do you dislike most about the aquarium hobby, and why?

14) What is your favorite TV show?

15) What is your greatest fear?

16) What is or was your favorite subject in school, and why?

17) Do you keep live aquarium plants? If so, what types?

18) Do you love or hate pest snails?

19) Do you enjoy gardening?

20) What do you love most about the aquarium hobby?

21) What was the biggest mistake you've made so far in the hobby, and what has it taught you?

22) Burgers or Pizza?

23) What is your favorite aquatic animal?

24) What is your dream tank or something you want to accomplish in this hobby?

25) Favorite candy?

26) What is your favorite book?

27) What other things do you do for fun outside of the hobby?

Others may also ask questions if they wish. 😊

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1)Oarfish, I have a tattoo of it on my left bicep

2.)  Shortbelly rockfish. Grabbing one is like reaching into a bag of hypodermic needles

3.)@Cory 😋

4) Probably Tolarian Community College… I am a run-of-the-mill nerd

5.)  all of it

6.) greenland shark

7) I crashed an ATV off the side of a cliff in Montana. Somehow escaped with a bruised ankle

8.) new zealand

9) both

10) insufferable, blonde, passionate 

11) both

12) currently “all my friends” by knocked loose (hardcore advisory)

13) fish death, it’s just heartbreaking 

14) Right now, gilmore girls (1st time watcher)

15) heights

16) marine biology still am a student

17) I’ve kept all sorts anubias, amazon swords, mosses, lotus, anachris, aponogeton, etc etc

18) love all walks of life

19) my green thumb is getting better. Currently growing 3 indoor trees, no mangroves yet though

20) the people

21) I moved my fish into my amazon biotope before it was ready and they all died. I put too much pressure on myself and lost fishy friends I raised from fry. Left the hobby for a long time after. It taught me patience

22) Yes

23) otter

24) Either a 3500 gallon Amazon biotope in the middle of my living room or an outdoor pool where I can swim with my pet fish

25) Mr Goodbar

26) Ew books! Huck Finn

27) Ski, rockclimb, MTG, your typical Seattleite really



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