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Red root floaters

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On 9/11/2022 at 10:42 AM, Jstewart0925 said:

I got some red root floaters in a tub outside I can get them to make more plants but not turn red really some do some won’t. Need help??
BADDB459-CF8A-4329-8B8F-9F018FE5139E.jpeg.fdd0f911a2ab44f258bb8f24b7d8d064.jpegThanks in advance 

Is your outdoor tub in direct sunlight? It might help a little. As their name suggests make sure the roots are red. In my experience the leaves are mostly green and turn red as the plants get a bit older and extend out. When kept indoors or in an aquarium I have never had any red leaves nor do the red roots show well.PXL_20220911_214606318.jpg.bde16ee062ebc69b6ff14f102fd4cbb3.jpg

I have a hex bowl of pearl weed and redroot floaters. It gets direct sunlight and the plants have extended out of the water. 

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Red root floater color, (Phyllanthus fluitans as @Golden Ramsmentioned) depends primarily on light levels but is also going to be somewhat related to nutrients.  If they aren’t getting nutrient levels needed, they aren’t going to do well.  They fortunately don’t appear very picky about nutrients.  Light appears to be the primary factor.  I have red roots that have grown much more red in different tanks, but I don’t currently have them in a tank with the light close to the plants or under a strong light.  If I moved some over to a tank with the light very close to the water surface, I’m sure they would get more red.  They are more picky about not having much surface agitation and also don’t like much splashing or dripping water on their surface.

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