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Any tips for keeping a betta fish

Shiv P

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Hey hows it going everyone. I have recently added a betta fish to one of my planted 5 gallon tanks. I am a bit of a newbie and I wanted to know what you guys reacommend for keeping a betta fish. Such as how to reduce stress, feeding times, general practice. Anything trade secrets I'd love to hear. Thank you for taking the time and reading my topic. I can't wait to hear back from y'all. 


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I'm no pro betta person but feed them a variety of foods, make sure there is no sharp objects in the aquarium (such as hardscape). Give them plants that they can rest on and make sure that tank mates are compatible with bettas (I don't think you will be adding many tank mates in a 5 gallon though), make sure flow is low, and I would give them areas of shade (floating plants or large leaf plants). I would feed a small amount in the morning and a small amount at night if possible. To reduce stress at plenty of hiding places.

I know these are basic tips but they are very important in my experience!

Have fun!

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