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Hello from Maryland as well

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Joining after seeing many helpful videos on bettas. Picked up a ten gallon tank today to start a tank for a betta... came with a 10-20 brand new topfin filter I’m definitely reselling as that’ll be way too much current - I love the sponge stones here and will probably do that. Just hate seeing the bettas in the stores and thought at least I can give one a decent environment while cheering up my telework environment - hope to learn a lot here (see my rock question I’ll post shortly) 😁

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Bettas prefer still water or weak current at best. They are mostly pretty tough though and will adapt to almost anything. I have picked up one off the carpet that was nearly as dry as a potato chip and thrown her in the 5 gallon waste water bucket only to walk back later and see the betta swimming around.

She actually did ok and bred for me later, but initially she didn't have much in the way of fins.

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added the last sentence with the happy ending
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