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I finally have algae in subsidence


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I trimmed of the Val that had algae on the leaves, cleaned the hob and floating plant corrals with peroxide,  pulled the scarlet temple and soaked overnight with carbonated water overnight, and then oxygenated water and lights before replanting.

I pulled some plants and rearranged them to group together, trimmed some back, and made room for some Pink Flamingo and Anubias Nana Petite that is coming.

I stopped the Easy Carbon, held off on easy Iron, keeping nitrates below 20 ppm and dropped light to 50% power with 2 separate light periods 4 hours each.


I think it is looking better.3965B925-A663-45F9-BB53-0221D43E7085.jpeg.4a4f364f272d364f0d10a9829471e9b5.jpeg


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