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How Long Do New Guppies Spar Before Settling Down?

Miranda Marie

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Hey! So I have a planted 20 long aquarium that I have stocked with Endler Guppies. I had gotten 5 originally and they got delayed in the mail so only 2 survived. I decided to let them settle in before trying again and then life happened and suddenly it was 4 months later. They settled in well enough that one decided the entire tank was His Space™ and began bullying the other. So I sat down and ordered 6 more to add in with them. After quarantining them to make sure everyone seemed healthy, today we added them in.

Well, they have all been sparring ever since. LOL. I turned the light out to keep them calmer so they would settle better but they're still going at it. I guess my question is, is the sparring a bad thing and how long will it take to settle? Or is it dangerous if they do it continually? The group is now 8 with the two older ones. I assume this will settle down over time once they establish a higher archy but I am just checking. Thanks!

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