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Rummy nose tetra swim bladder / consitipation??


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  • ph   6.8
  • Nitrates    0
  • Hardness ??
  • Nitrite   0
  • Ammonia  0
  • KH/Buffer ??
  • Water Temperature  78

Currently im working to stock up a 125. The fish are currently in my 20 gal isolation tank which has had fish in it for 3- 4 months (these fish for 1 week). I tried to get a picture of them "spazing out" but they don't do it for long.  it happens when and only when they stop swimming and take a pause, and Not always. When they stop forward movement they will sometimes flip to sideways and shake like they are confused and don't understand why. Then after maybe 2 seconds they then swim off like life is great.

I did in the first few days feed them Very heavily(over 35-40 stomach would bulge with food). I also as I learned may have over fed them frozen brine shrimp. I did this for 4 times over 5 days. They started this 5-days in (that i noticed, i might not have noticed this earlier). I did try and give them cooked pees which appeared to make all the fish go crazy and get effected. 24 hours later however this reduced to only a few of the fish and less often. i have since switched to feeding only strait flakes.

4 molleys are also in the tank i purchased at the same time do not appear effected in the least.

No rummy nose death from this and the nose appears to be bright red.. I lost 1 fish the fist day, and a 2nd had a white patch on it which we put in a separate tank(which passed). But looks like aside from sometimes having a random odd angled float, they are ok.  Any ideas? is this  a minor effect normally for rummy nose?

Thank you for any help of info if you can provide.




sorry  over 35-40 sec feed time

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