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What's going on with my guppy?


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Hey guys got a fish in my big tank in the garage, she's obviously having a hard time I noticed her like this yesterday. No idea how long it's been going on, tank parameters are okay I also have another 2 other fish like this but they're not this bad they're just a little skinny guessing possible wasting disease or TB 😓 

Any advice on what's going on here and how to treat it? Haven't brought any fish in over a year these are grown fry from my guppies. I have let the tank go to crap as I just had a baby didn't have time for regular water changes.. 

Ph: 7.2
Ammonia: 0
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: 20ppm
GH: 150

Temp: 26°




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Not sure how to diagnose could be a number of things but it seems your stock level isn’t that much in this tank. That being said if I were you I would treat the tank with the med trio in this case per the instructions to get some water changes and some meds in. If I had to guess I would guess it’s internal parasite related. I have seen this same thing with my guppies in the past, water changes and meds go a long long way. Medicated food isn’t always talked about but I’ve had great success with Dr. Bassleers as a treatment also. The garlic would be the first one I would try, for 10 days if you want to go that route. I hope this helps 

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First off....congrats on the baby!

It doesn't look like columnaris in the pics. Shimmying is livebearers can caused by a lack of hardness/minerals/PH that they really want. I don't see that in your case, though you didn't list KH. PH should be okay, provided it's steady, and not on it's way down due to lack of buffer.

I'd do a couple of small waterchanges and add some salt. Take note on if the fish is eating, or trying to eat (and spitting). You can then proceed w/possible Parasite meds such as Expel-P or Paracleanse, pending the result.



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Thank you! I currently don't have any KH test liquid it was out of stock last time I tried to get it lol.


But I'm pretty sure she's still eating she came out each time to eat but I didn't supervise to see if she was spitting it out, her gills are red. And I'm now noticing a few others are red/brown which happened last time I had columnaris too.


I've done a water change and added salt yesterday, I also added some pimafix and melafix as some had some fin rot and it's just what I had on hand that wouldn't screw the cycle. 


Redness on some fish decreased and she started swimming more hence why I got the video before that she was hiding behind the filter and wouldn't come out.

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