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Power outage. No tank heater

Karen Steffa

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Well, you may be lucky given that you are in California and you are not in the dead of winter. If there are only a few degrees between the air temp and the temp you keep your tank at you should be okay for a good while. I wouldn't worry about it with a spread of up to 7deg F.

If you think about what happens in nature, from day to night, and from season to season, fish experience a wide array of temps. They are more robust than you realize.

Water has alot of something called "Thermal Mass". This means the tank will loose heat gradually due to the amount of heat it already has. The below slows this process.

If you really want to manage the temp., try one of these ideas. These following ideas came from @Cory from one of his videos:

  1. Keep the tank hood on and closed. If you don't have one, fabricate a crude one with whatever materials you have at hand.
  2. Use a blanket or other form of similar 'non messy' insulation to drape over the tank.
  3. Keep any fans or other sources of moving air away from the tank. Moving air will cause the tank to lose heat faster. The technical name for this effect is 'forced air convection'. It's the same idea as blowing on your coffee or a piece of food to cool it off before you take a sip/bite.

I hope I've given you some ideas and thoughts to help you out in your particular situation.

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