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Dwarf Mexican Orange Crayfish Question Please Before buying

Bev C

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Hello everyone hope all is well I have not been here much lately ,  nice to be back 

Ok I have my new 10  gallon Red Cherry Shrimp tank   set up and cycled  and guppy grass and 1 water wisteria  planted and 1  anubias nana  on my centerpiece rock    Amazon frogbit and Riccia Fluita floating   and my mystery snails are on the way ,,  hopefully I will have one day a jungle look with the guppy grass and wisteria  

I am planning on having a 10 Red Cherry Shrimp  starting out and 2-3 Mystery snails ,,in the tank no fish ,, 

I use to have 4 Dwarf Mexican Orange Crayfish  in my old 29 tank ,, but no shrimp or snails

 I really enjoyed having them  I was thinking and looking for the Crayfish thinking of getting 2 online   my store is having trouble getting  them in

Do they get along with Red Cherries ?  my LFS guy says he has them in his tank with his amano shrimp with no problem 

I also read they get along with  Shrimp    Click Here auto Read it says might eat the shrimp eggs at times but leave the adults alone that is fine with me do not want over population of shrimp ,,    if i get to many shrimp my LFS will take them though 

   @Guppysnail ask  me if they get along with Mystery Snails? that is a good question   I thought I would ask before buying do not want my Mystery babies or adult Red Cherries hurt 

Thank you for any advice have a good day  many hugs to all 

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I looked it up because cray fish are so cool and I wanted to see what this type looked like. I seen this (it says yes picks on snails and shrimp ) but I know often the net is less reliable than experienced share by other folks. Bladdersnails would most likely be on the menu. I never attempted crayfish because I did not know if they would go after snails their size and larger. 



Keeping my fingers crossed for you that someone with experience chimes in and says they will not bother larger snails and healthy adult shrimp.  🤞🏻

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I read the sam as you. I’m also assuming that shrimplets would be on the menu. I have kept other crayfish and they were the center piece and anything else in the tank was either fish that reproduced fast or was replaceable. With these guy I have seen them in tanks with fish and bigger snails like mystery snails. I think their smaller craw size is really the only thing that limits what they will eat. I think if they can grab a part of a small snail or shrimp and not be over powered they will eat it. I did read but have not seen that they can be kept with bigger shrimp like aminos. I’m pretty sure if I read you probably saw the same. They are pretty fish safe and large small safe I can say I have seen that. With smaller smaller snails and shrimp I think it’s a gamble. Maybe you need another tank just in case it doesn’t work out and you can move them there😉

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Thanks everyone for you input is greatly appreciated thanks @Guppysnail for the link i read it and re-read the link i posted and there is 2 different advice  theories for sure  isn’t it

I know they  would get the shrimp  if they are sick or the shrimp and snail eggs and a maybe babies at times,,  and  smaller snails like rams horn or bladder ,, And I have talked  to my LFS guy ,,

he says it is possible to have them live together with the shrimp if you are not wanting allot more  or breed shrimp ,, and he says they usually go after the smaller snails instead of the big ones than themselves  ,, and my  3 mystery snail i have is huge  ( will feed ) 

When I had  Crayfish before in my smaller tank   i had cories and a bristolnose and a few small tetra  no snails they was fine together

.. I am  not going to let my mystery snails be in danger though  ,, I could rearrange and change plans I could  have all mystery snails in one tank , my other  tank a 55 gallon which is my main  tank  I have room to do that only have small tetra and cories 11 fish total and 3 snails plus   i will be getting a new bristolnose for my 55 soon too

and since i have not  gotten my shrimp yet   ,, I could have  a DMO Crayfish only tank instead of Red Cherry and mystery snail tank ,, The Crayfish are very cute  very active and they act like and have the same dwelling and they molt like the shrimp  but i never had shrimp and want to try them ,,now the hard decision 

Thanks everyone  




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