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Fluval biostrata is 20% off at Petco. Is that a good deal?


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I'm new and slowly trying to build up stuff for my big planted tank and buying things on sale to build up.

Is the fluval soil good and is this actually a good deal? Or if I wait for black Friday or something will there be other deals or other better soil to try?

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Cheap stuff I have used in planted tanks:

- laterite (fluorite red)

- natural clay kitty litter 

- aquasoil (can be dirt from the backyard or worm castings or organic potting mixes etc) 

- BDBS as a cap or pool filter sand as a cap

never used that specific fluval soil bc honestly any soil will work with proper assistance. 

i can’t speak on if it’s a good deal or not but i hopped on here to at least give a few cheap planted tank options for some layers I’ve personally used. It sounds like a decent deal to me though. 🙃

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