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My cat's new favorite gift


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Like many cats, my 1 yo likes to gift me with things. The most recent thing she's hooked on annoys me. She pulls the sponges out of the filters and gives them to me. At least she isn't hiding them or something. This is the one she gets the most. I might cut it a little and snap the top shut better lol. Kinda mad, kinda cute. How can I stay mad at that face too long?



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On 9/5/2022 at 2:59 PM, Katherine said:

Oh, kitty. I'm pretty sure one of mine would gift my husband (not me!) with my fish if she could.

Maybe in her mind she knows I enjoy the aquariums so she wants to gift me something from them?  Idk. Sounds sweet if I think about it that way tho lol

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Just now she gifted me the top to that filter. I think she also dipped it in the litter box first. I heard her messing in there then dropped this litter filled top on my lap. Sigh. Ty for the kind gift?  Oi. 


Its almost as if she knew I was posting about the sponges and decided to switch it up lol. She's never done the top before. 

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