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I just added guppies to my established planted tank and two are dead

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Hey everyone, I am not sure what happened so please throw me a bone. I've had this planted tank (10 gal) for several weeks and I use co2 as well. All of the plants have been prospering very well and i thought it was time to add some fish. My GH and KH stay close to 4 and I dialed in my co2 so the PH drops to 6.8 when running and returns to 7.8 when it is off. No ammonia detected and my nitrates stay around 20 ppm. Today I wake up to two dead guppies but my shrimp (4) are still alive and one guppie made it. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong? Total fish = 3 guppies, 1 gourami, 4 shrimp. Thanks

P.S. I use a good Finnex planted light.

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Hi @Bertman35769

Did you happen the check the pH the guppies were in prior to adding them to your tank?  The pH of your tank is fine but if the pH of the tank that the guppies were in was extremely high or extremely low then pH shock can occur and death results.  When I get new fish I always check the pH of the water they came in.  The I float the bag in the tank for 30 minute to equalize the temperature.  I the pH the fish are in is substantially different than my tank I do a 'drip acclimation' where over an hour or two I drip tank water into a bucket with the new fish and the water they came in using airline and valve. -Roy

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