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Aqueon water conditioner vs Fritz complete


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I lost 2 corydoras within minutes of doing a water change using Aqueon Water conditioner when I ran out if Fritz Complete, the other three Cories were also affected but pulled through being transferred to another tank.

Most people have cast doubt that the water conditioner had anything to do with it, but that is the only material change over several twice daily water changes to the same depth over the prior week.

I have set up 3, 10 gallon quarantine tanks this week, and one of them I used Aqueon water conditioner on water fill with recommended dosage.  That tank, and that tank only has been covered with foam from airstones ever since setting it up.

No soap was ever used on any of tank interiors and all were well rinsed before setting up.

Today  I drained that tank and refilled using Fritz complete at recommended dosage.  There are no more bubbles on top of tank than the other two tanks now.

The difference is striking.  As I was draining the tank, foam was coming up and pouring out of the water lift tubes from the undergravel filter all the way until water level dropped below the airstones.

My tap water still has 1 ppm total ammonia in it as the city has not flushed the lines yet. I have been holding off on water changes and keeping it to 25% at most at a time.


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This is very interesting. Before reading the entire post I doubted that water condition was your problem but now I think I'm on board with you. 

Have you double checked the dosage on the Aqueon product? Maybe it is more concentrated and you used too much? If that isn't the issue I am just as stumped as you are. 

Side question... Why do you change so much water every day??

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On 9/7/2022 at 12:32 AM, SimmonsSnailsNScales said:

Why do you change so much water every day??

After doing a deep cleaning to suppress algae growth I was having a persistant nitrite spike that I was tending to with twice daily water changes until beneficial bacteria recovered, which it has….


and Algae remains suppressed…


Aqueon, 5 ml per 10 gallons,


Fritz complete1 ml per 10 gallons.


no ingredients listed for Fritz complete.




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if it was the water conditioner its likely just that bottle/batch those ingredients are the same ones you'll find in any water conditioner thiosulfate is for chlorine removal edta neutralizes mettles sodium carbonate raises PH back up (water conditioner normally lowers PH) and the last thing is a stabilizer increasing shelf life, 99%of water conditioners are the same except for the occasional thing to increase slime coat or (maybe)  neutralize ammonia stuff like that .

you will likely never know what killed the fish exactly which is always annoying but its highly unlikely to be the brand itself probably just the batch or bottle.

 the only thing i could think of that might be the cause is if the ph not going down like in a normal conditioner made the ammonia more toxic 1ppm is a lot depending on your PH.

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I dont doubt you may be right…

I also know the experience is seared in my mind.  It was sort of traumatic seeing the poor things driving themselves above the floating plants to get away from it…

I would have to be fairly desperate to consider using Aqueon water conditioner in the future and if I did it would be diluted in a few gallons of water separately and mixed well before placing in the tank and refilling with fresh water.

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You really need to watch chlorine. I ALWAYS check it after my declore treatment of de chlore.  I use Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate.

Lately my water service has been dosing the crap out of the water, I can smell it, it smells like my swimming pool. I even got a letter from them saying the water will smell and taste bad because they are treating for algae. I measured 2 ppm the other day and I had to go crazy with the de chlor. 

I question why anyone uses fritz,  aqueon and the like, we only need to de chlor. I keep all that other stuff away from my fish and wallet.


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Coop multistrips do not currently register chlorine levels in my tap water.

City needs to come flush lines.


I have never had any hint of problem using Fritz complete.

Aqueon has a money back guarantee.   All I need to do is pay the cost of shipping it to them…


not really worth the bother.

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