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Apistogramma with White Tumor


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I had been dealing with some Columnaris like infection- treated with Med trio then Maracyn for 5 days - with my Apisto cacactoides and one of my older bronze Cory cats. The Cory looks great active and feeding well. Unfortunately I found my apisto out in front of the tank breathing hard and now all the white flat spots are gone and her left gill had a white pebble like mass. I had tried to fish her out yesterday before the white pebble showed up but she swam off - didn’t look right. Today she was more lethargic and easy to grab. I’ve got her in a breeder box with an air stone. I’ve put some drops of methylene blue in, 1/8 tsp of salt and a quarter packet of Maracyn. She is looking better breathing has slowed she ate some freeze dried crushed blood worm (not a usual food for her just wanted to tempt her to eat). Now im wondering if I should drop some paracleanse in as well. My neighbor has the Seachem abx - KanaPlex and Polyguard. I could try those as well. Thanks in advance for this community so helpful. Cheers.  



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