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Algae or bacteria bloom?

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Ammonia:  0

Nitrite:  0

Nitrate:  10


I had a crash in my 29 gallon main tank and had to move everyone to other tanks. This one took a majority of them so it's bioload at least doubled if not more in 1 day. Originally the tank only had an ACO medium sponge filter. 2 days after adding the fish I added the ACO nano sponge from my hospital tank. I only really saw ammonia for 2 days and pretty low which shocked me tbh. The past 3 days I've noticed the cloudy water. I figured just a bacteria bloom. The 2nd day of seeing the bacteria bloom I decided to add a brand new filter out of the box, a seachem HOB rated for 35 gal.

All of this to me points to bacteria bloom but today I wasn't sure. It does have a slight green tint but that could be from all the green decor and plants. I also thought bacteria blooms went away after a few days. Maybe with the new filters and bioload it's hanging around longer? I just wanna know if I need to act on an algae bloom or just wait out a bacteria bloom. Ty. 



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