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Dangers of going to the LFS without a plan.


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I was running a bit low on fish food and we fancied drive so three LFS later and a piece of incredibly gooey treacle tart. Finds me back home with ...

Two smallish pieces of bog wood  currently soaking in a bucket. This is to tie some of my surplus plants to.

A piece of water lettuce to try in my dad's bathtub pond.

3 maybe 4 ramshorn snails 2 red one black and maybe something hiding in the roots of the water lettuce.

Some algae wafers and tetra wafers and some shrimp food. Didn't forget that at least.

And the impluse buy of 5  black Molly's 


Oh and one of the shops had this outside, sorry I didn't take advantage of the photo op.IMG-20220904-WA0000.jpg.608224e7b76b1436bfb8fd0819031391.jpg

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The other day we were next to petco and I had to stay out. I knew if I went in I'd come out with fish! 🤣 I have a couple specific types I want that they don't have, and I can't be trusted not to impulsively buy something else that looks good! I just want alllll the fish, lol! Love your mollies!

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Can't go wrong with black mollies. I had a pair in my 40 and impulse bought two female gold speckled mollies... thought the 3:1 gender ratio would spread out the male's aggression. It did, and now my tank is absolutely swimming in molly fry! Which (for now) is not a bad problem to have.

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