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Weather Loach plants

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Hey everyone, I’m redoing my dojo loaches tank. It’s going to utilize a thick nutrient rich substrate and most likely an undergravel filter. I have been looking at plants for days and am unfortunately the type of person who is indecisive on things. With this being said I was hoping you guys could help make this decision for me. I want something hardy, heavy root feeder, that grows tall and is pleasing to look at. Ideally something that spreads on its own via runners. My loaches loves playing and laying in hornwort but they are tough on plants so it has to be something that can handle them. Last thing is I’m going to be attempting to breed them one day so it should be something that eggs will stick on easily as well if that’s a factor. It’s gonna be a one plant kinda tank, I just want something they will like that will take over. Any input is appreciated thanks…

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