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My Betta has something that looks fuzzy on one of his ventral fins. It was not there yesterday. I wanted to confirm with someone who has more experience than me on what this is? Ich? My 10 gal tank is 4 mo old, planted.  I have 3 Otos, 2 Pygmy Cories, and a Nerite snail .. along with an outbreak of pond snails and Ram snails from a plant I did not quarantine. 
I change water weekly (last change 50% 2 days ago).  I have Corys’ trio of meds and didn’t want to treat more than I have to.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! 

Ammonia 0

Nitrites 0

Nitrates .5
PH 8




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Thank you for your reply.  My guy is looking swollen now, I’m hoping it’s not dropsy. Here is a pic of him this morning. He was just sitting at the top of the tank but swimming this afternoon. I have a small 5 gallon aquarium I was thinking of setting up as a hospital tank. It’s not cycled but I could use some of the substrate and water from the original tank.  Would that work? I ordered a nano sponge filter and air pump this morning since the extra tank I have has a waterfall type filter.  I may try to go ahead and use it with reduced pressure and switch out when the sponge filter gets here. Recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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Having just gone through a bout of ich and fungus, I cannot recommend a quarantine tank enough. Having a cycled tank isn't that important with a quarantine tank. One way or the other, it fish shouldn't be in the tank for long and some of the meds you are likely to use generally require daily or bi-daily water changes. Adding water from the tank and a cycled bubble filter will certainly help not stress out the fish with a big change in and reduce the risk of ammonia spikes.

As for it being dropsy, I unfortunately don't know enough there to be of help.

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