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A friendly game of tag

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  • 3 weeks later...

I’ll play along. Why not?!

I just moved two new species out of quarantine and into their new homes. 

3 pairs of Furcata Rainbows got moved to a 20 high that currently has 7 Julii Cory’s, and 2 Bolivian Rams. 

3 pairs of Praecox Rainbows got moved to my 29 that has 10 Glowlight Tetras, 6 Albino Cory’s, and a breeding pair of Peacock Gudgeons. 

Excited to play with some new things. I need to make some breeding mops when these guys get to breeding age!



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I came up with a fairly fool proof method for determining if someone in an online marketplace is a scam or just selling stolen merchandise: ask then about their tank.

I've been doing a lot with online market places and everyone I have interacted with has been eager to tell me about their tank or give advice. Then I bought a filter. It was a great deal so I was pretty excited and didn't want to missing out so I acted fast. The guy was acting odd and didn't ask about my tank or tell me about his. After I got home I realized that the box in his ad was different from the box he sold me... I reported it to the app and called around to local stores to see if they had and thefts recently. The LFS days they're inventory was all accounted for and the box box stores said there's no way of telling.

... So yeah that's my adventure

I have met some really friendly purple in my area who are into the hobby though and that's cool

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You guys have some cool stuff going on, and good ideas, feel free to tag someone who hasn’t been tagged, or your interested in knowing what they are up too with there hobby, or someone who helped or inspired you, or if they haven’t shared something already or perhaps things have changed since they shared and there is new news, it keeps the thread going and in my opinion it’s a very fun interactive thread I love getting the notifications 🙃

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I have some fun breeding projects going. I bought 5 platinum halfbeaks in Northern California when I was visiting some family. Now, I only have a trio of 2m 1F, but the female is looking more and more chubby every day. I set up a floating fry trap so the fry can get inside to escape the adults. 

Also, I’ve been documenting the growth of my Amano shrimplets in the Photos, Videos, and Journals topic. They are 19 days old now and soon will be metamorphosing. This batch just seems to be doing really well. I can’t wait to raise up a bunch of Amano shrimp. I would love to also sell some to my LFS one day and have them proudly tell customers that they are locally bred. 

My blue Neo colony is finally taking off, after trying with this color variety for years. They always seemed to die out but now I have lots of babies and berried females.

Also, one of my scarlet badis has sexed out and I finally have a female. I’m just pushing for space to find a tank for them to spawn. My CPD and platinum ricefish fry are growing to a good size where I can have them live with their parents. I plan on using their grow-out tank as a spawning tank for the Scarlet badis. 

I am still waiting on signs of fry or spawning from my clown killifish and Pygmy corydoras. There are just so many fish I want to spawn and not enough tanks 🙃🥲

Finally, not fish related, but I will be going to a reptile expo on Sunday for my birthday gift. I will be getting some different forms of P. pruinosus isopods. I already have the powder orange and powder blue variants. I am looking for the orange cream, Oreo crumble, and white out color forms. I hope to one day breed enough of them and sell them in a party pack with all the color variants. 

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On 9/29/2022 at 9:38 PM, TOtrees said:

I keep poison dart frogs. They are not poisonous in captivity, because they make the poison in the wild from (mostly) ants which they don’t eat in captivity.

MTS is not unique to aquarists. 😐



I’ve always been on the outside looking in at the dart frog hobby. I bought an old MistKing system from a hobbyist who breeds dart frogs and I just gawked in his office for a good 10 minutes. I would love to have these guys one day, but I would not look forward to maintaining fruit fry cultures 😂 I did maintain them once when I was raising up some tarantula slings. 

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Man I don't have much new to report! College has been giving me a rough go of it until this week and I still haven't had much time to work on my tanks. This weekend I'm trying to put together a game plan for my 5 gallon betta tank rescape, my archerfish range, refreshing my 29 gallon tank, and a few other things!

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