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Black mold?


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This is in a covered tank filled about 3/5ths. Typically the Pothos leaves don't melt as long as I don't let them stay submerged. But this year I've seen some melt on leaves above the water line, so maybe there has been more condensation. Which makes me wonder if this stuff is black mold. 

If it is... Any advice? If I were to submerge it and let the snails take it on, will that affect the fish?


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I’ve recently done a deep dive into the mold world because it turns out it’s been making me sick for the last six years. 😒 I have no idea how much land-dwelling molds affect fish, but just to be safe, I’d recommend removing the bulk of it with a paper towel before submerging. Most black-colored mold isn’t *the* black mold that everyone’s scared of, but lots of molds produce harmful compounds, and it’s easy enough to wipe the plant down.

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Hey, dealing with black mold can be a hassle. If it's in your tank, it's crucial to address it. Mold can be harmful to both your plants and fish.
You might want to try removing the affected leaves and improve ventilation to reduce condensation. Submerging it and relying on snails might help, but keep an eye on water quality.
If the issue persists or worsens, it's not a bad idea to consult experts like water damage restoration San Diego. They can provide guidance on handling mold issues effectively. Anyway, stay vigilant, mate!

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