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Starting to cycle my tank once again…


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I hit my tank with three ML‘s of ammonia yesterday. And I tested today the results are below.  I should hit my tank every other day?

And I laid the test trips down for they wouldn’t run somebody on here told me to do that!  They’re just standing up for the picture😂

I want to cycle this tank and get my wet pets on the 25th. How possible is that?



I thought I would add a picture of my little tiny tank😮


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I personally do not trust the ammonia test strip results.



per chance did you test for the ammonia level with the same test strip shortly after dosing the tank?


I ran in to an issue with trying ammonia test strips and I could never get them to give me a result I could trust, even with freshly dosed water, dosing distilled water and with tank water with a known ammonia spike.  

api wet test was showing 3 ppm, test strip was showing nothing…




Given that the multi test strips seems to be showing 0 nitrites and 0 nitrates I seriously doubt ammonia is cleared next day.

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I haven’t used any ammonia today. But I’ve only dosed once it’s only been up for a few days.

I used to play scientists and use all the little test tubes and i’m not doing that this time around it’s simplicity!  I’m not sure what you mean by the same test trip I use a new one every time.  This is the first time I’ve tested my tank just went up.

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