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How much Easy Green (drops) should I use for this tank and plants?


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Hi Everyone, 

40 breeder gallon tank with 6 hours of light and pressured CO2 (about 100 BPM).

I am using 8 drops of Easy Green per day but I think it’s too much as I don’t have many plants.

what do you suggest ? I am having issues with Staghorn algae so I am trying to revise all my actions and fertilization is an important one.

thank you very much 


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Months ago I was using another liquid fertilizer but I changed to Easy Green as my nitrate was very low (almost zero). Even using easy green( 6 drops per day in the beginning and 8 drops since weeks ago) the maximum I can have is about 10 ppm. 

My concern is increase even more to get more nitrates and have by consequence, a lot of other things like phosphate and other stuff.

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