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Shop Lights or Flood Lights for DIY rack setup


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Hi Everyone, 

Seeking advice on good shop lights for my soon-to-be planted aquarium rack. In the spirit of efficiency and cost-reduction, I believe either shop lights or flood lights would be a good choice.  I feel I am leaning toward shop light strips for their modularity (ie prebuilt to link together). Below I have 2 models I am looking at: 

Shop light:

1 - 6 Pack LED Shop Light 4FT, T5 Integrated Single Fixture, 22W, 2200lm, 6500K Super Bright White, Linkable Shop Light, Utility Shop Lights, Corded Electric W/ Built-in ON/Off Switch - - Amazon.com

Flood light

2 - 4 Pack 30W LED Flood Light Outdoor with Plug, IP65 Waterproof LED Work Lights, 6000K 3000LM Super Bright Security Light, Portable Daylight White Floodlight Spotlight for Yard Garden Court Lawn - - Amazon.com

For keeping shallower tanks (29's and a 40) I think the lumens are suitable as well as the color temperature. Will I run into issues on not having blue/red LED's? I have had some cheap Finnex Stingray lights and they boast a few rows of colored LED's, so I am unsure how absolutely vital it is to plant growth. 

Thanks for helping me out 🙂

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What did you decide?

There are many videos on folks using floodlights on their aquariums.  I have been playing with both.  Mounting may be an issue, and the floodlights may have better penetration on taller tanks.  I am using floods on my 29.  I am not thrilled, as mine are only 1000 Lumen 4000k. They are adjustable for direction and coverage, and 3 years ago the price was right.  The ones you are looking at should give considerably better results



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