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Unknown white specs in tank

Shiv P

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This is going to sound bizzare or a bit strange but I have recently setup a new tank and have put some plants in it that I bought from aquarium Co-op. I was looking at the tank and admiring my plants when I see little white specks in the tank. At first I was like its something floating around no big deal but when I looked closer it seemed to be swimming and there where a couple of them moving around. At this point I am lost for what they are and how they got in the tank because I haven't added anything but the plants and water. I did some sleuthing on the internet and I think it might be cyclops or something but I don't know how they got into the tank. Do any of you guys have any ideas or thoughts on this and will it harm my fish if I put any in. 

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It could be copepods or ostracods (seed shrimp) as well. New tanks with live plants will go through a host of microfauna and biofilm bacteria colonies. All of them free fish and invert food or clean up crew. If you can get pictures of things as they show up quite a few folks on here can identify them for you and explain their role in your ecosystem. Most of these critters are helpful and actually have a role to play that will benefit your ecosystem in some way. 
I just dumped a ton of seed shrimp and ostracods in my tanks as live food. I cultivate them in shrimp tanks along with detritus worms. All excellent tank companions. 

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