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Tadpoles in my future?


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On 8/30/2022 at 1:15 PM, Beardedbillygoat1975 said:

I had hoped when I saw this they’d breed but unfortunately didn’t work out for me. I hope you’re way more successful! 

We added two new frogs when our Betta died. There’s four total and they seem to be getting frisky pretty often now. I’m not sure if it’s the new frogs or the lack of predator, but they’re definitely more active. I’m crossing my fingers because tadpoles would be really fun. 

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If you have any fish still in the tank, they'll likely eat any frog eggs shortly after they're laid. I bred adf a few years ago, but didn't keep a journal. I had a hard time finding support/resources, found a couple folks on Fishlore that were able to help, but mostly figured it out on my own/did what worked for me. 

Eggs are laid at the surface, usually early in the day. The female (with the male holding on) will swim up, release a few eggs at the surface (while on her back derp), and then shoot back down to the bottom. The male should be fertilizing them when the female releases them. The eggs look like poppy seeds in a little jelly globe. They are released in 1s and 2s and don't make clumps or egg masses. I used a fine plastic net to lift the eggs off the surface and transfer them to a jar for hatching. They're sticky, so some back and forth/transferring might be involved. Don't use a pipette or baster for this. 

From there, it's not much different from hatching fish eggs. Clean water yes, methylene blue no. Fine foods to start (smaller than bbs), but they'll eat bbs pretty quick, then it's off to the races. Where I had a lot of losses was having too many tads in jars that were too small. Once they start growing/feeding, they seem to need more space than you'd think. So for a reasonable clutch size (~30-50 eggs) you'll want a 2.5g after a couple weeks, and a 5g soon after. 

Here's a pic of the 1L jars I raised the larvae in (I now know these were too small after the first few weeks) floating in a 10g water bath, with a couple bbs hatchers. 


And here are the eggs, with salvinia for comparison.


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