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Internal parasites?


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I think people, on fb especially, cry internal parasites far too often. This time I actually question it tho. The other thick-lipped gourami has been SUUUUUUPER sick the past 2 weeks and in and out of the hospital tank. Maybe not a connection but maybe is. Tank is currently being treated with paracleanse and maracyn and is on day 4. Although this specific fish is not the gourami who has been super sick, it has been lethargic. I just figured maybe it was missing it's friend in the hospital tank. 




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On 8/29/2022 at 5:00 PM, Colu said:

Have you notice any rapid breathing hanging near the surface white stingy poop not eating bloating 

All but I'm not sure about bloating. 

That is if what's in the video qualifies as "white stringy poop"  I've never been fully clear on that description. 

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