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How do I wipe out Bladder snails?


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I have 6 shellies (Similis), which started breeding a couple months ago. I am planning on growing the colony to a max of about 12 fish. All is well on that front as i have been diligently caring for and feeding the babies.

However, this tank used to house an amazon style setup with lots of plants. I remember when I purchased a plant from a local store, it had a a singular bladder snail. Paid it no mind at first (big mistake) and let it thrive in that tank and never noticed the population growing past one singular snail. Fast forward a month or two i transplanted the whole ecosystem to a 20 tall, and left the 20 long with only sand. 

After I set up the Tanganyikan tank i started to notice a small uptick in the snail population. After the Shellies began to breed i was forced to do twice daily feeding of the fry using Hikari Fry Food. (I missed one day of feeding and the whole population of fry died). After the first set of fry died i made sure to stick to a strict schedule of feeding. This is when the snail population began to boom.

I attempted physical removal of the snails and that only lasted a day or two as i always missed some or they had laid eggs that are hardly visible. They reproduce extremely quickly, and I am assuming the heavy feeding is helping them achieve this at a much higher rate. (Is it true that bladder snails reproduce asexually?)

I then added a small amount of aquarium salt and that seemed to kill them off for about a week but they have since re-appeared in even larger numbers.

What can i do to get rid of them? Will they begin to die off as i stop feeding as often once the fry have grown up? Or am i stuck with them forever? I just don't want them to spread to my two other tanks which at this point feels inevitable. 

I know they really aren't an issue and actually help clean the tank, but much like Dean i find them unsightly. 



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Great photo so cute. I don't really advocate what I'm about to say but I'm trying to re establish a pest snail population in my community tank as it was pretty much wiped out by an ich treatment.

This predominately contained malachite green and copper so is toxic to snails but ok for most fish. So maybe a water treatment is an option but you'll have to do research on how whatever product is available to you will do to your fish and fry.

You will also need to keep in top of the water changes if you have a truly large population a lot of dead bodies might throw your balance.

Can't promise that the removal of snails won't just mean you have another issue though their population has increased because of the uneaten food so you'll still have to deal with that or something else could appear to deal with it for you.

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